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Farming Field

Autonomous Agriculture

With the rapid growth of the population, modern agriculture turned towards mechanization and the use of chemical products, consequences are:

  • Soil degradation and pollution 

  • Low food quality (tasteless food, health risks.)

It is, therefore, necessary to find innovative solutions to answer the following needs:

  • Maintain high yield

  • Make agricultural production healthier and more environmentally friendly


Our Mission

  • Help farmers to effortlessly switch to polyculture

  • Valorization of local agricultural land.

Boys Sitting on Pumpkins

(compared to monoculture)

4 Times Bigger Yield 

Food Delivery

Better food quality 

(sporadic chemical usage)

At Work on the Farm

Permanent presence in the field 

(crop safety)

Man with Potatoes

Lighter Labor Required

(compared to manual polyculture)

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