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Advanced Construction Supervision Solutions To Keep All Building Sites RiskFree!

The safety of workers is among the highest risks most construction businesses have to face. Especially in large-scale projects that demand inspection, construction site surveillance, and constant monitoring, workers are always at risk of getting in harm’s way.


Whether it’s human error or natural risks, there’s always a life-threatening risk that construction workers have to face, and the more tasks they have to do, the more time they spend staring that risk in the face

At Autonomous Intelligence, we’ve developed an advanced AI solution that utilizes drone footage to automatically detect any health hazards or misconduct, and saves employers time, money, and helps them protect their business’s reputation.


With a single flight, we can help you detect any missing elements from the job site even if you’re miles away, and use AI-powered construction site video surveillance to make sure all workers are adhering to compliance rules without losing track of the general flow of operations and the progress of the project.

On the flight of a drone, we can count all available resources on the ground. In connection with BIM we can provide the advancement of the building and confirm the presence of key components.

  • Steel poles 107 : 437 Units

  • Concrete blocks 9x19x39 : 2378 Units

  • Roof level advancement : 67%

  • A completely automated and detailed feedback loop that scans all visible surfaces, checks off necessary elements, and immediately picks up on any defects.

  • Complete integration with BIM.

  • An affordable, effective, and intuitive investment that saves you hours of delays


110x55 : 250 Units


Workers struck by a vehicle or falling object are already one of the most common construction site accidents, according to OSHA data. Any autonomous machine, even with safety measures and guardrails, could make places less secure. Conversely, autonomous systems do not tire or crash and as such hold the promise of reducing the number of impact events.

The Limitations Of Current Construction Site Surveillance Alternatives:

There have been many solutions that can make construction site surveillance easier and more efficient, however, they all require manual analysis, which can be draining for the business as they might be getting terabytes of video feeds every day.

Manual analysis of data takes hours and sometimes weeks to get accurate, actionable results that can be used as a metric for the project’s completion, which isn’t allowed when the deadline is approaching quickly.

Without manually analyzing each video feed, even if they’re using UAVs to survey the site, they won’t be able to discern any risks, misconduct, or workers not adhering to safety compliance

Construction Worker

Start Future-Proofing Your Construction Projects Today!

With our Construction Supervision technologies, you can start gaining a deeper insight into your projects’ growth and completion, as well as monitoring all safety procedures and compliance adherence to make sure your operations are risk-free


By integrating artificial intelligence in construction, you can provide your clients and project owners with the information and the answers they need about their projects, all while growing your operations and teams with confidence knowing that everything is always under a non-forgiving microscope.

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