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Autonomous Agriculture


Why New And Established Agriculture Businesses Are Struggling.

Following the pandemic, the global demand for food has grown substantially, which has put more pressure on agriculture businesses to produce more, grow more, hire more people, and spend more of their resources.

Not only that but with this increase, there’s a massive shortage in the working force, as with more demand comes a more intensive working experience, and the more experienced field workers are getting hired by the big dogs in the industry.

Farming is now viewed as an exhausting, life-draining career that not a lot of people want to do, which makes it much harder for businesses to hire more workers and live up to the demands of their audience.

Advanced AI Solutions To Help Minimize Risk And Maximize Reward!

At Autonomous Intelligence, we understand the pressure that’s set on agriculture businesses today, especially with the rising demand for food all around the world. Today, late deliveries and labor shortages could mean the end of a business’s growth, and we’re here to help you stop that from happening

We harness state-of-the-art computer vision technology that’s implemented in different robotic software and hardware to create a complete agriculture automation ecosystem that can help you increase efficiency, and productivity, and minimize risks.

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Why Choose Our Solutions?

  • A completely tailor-made robotics and AI range of solutions that are designed to fill the gaps of labor and risk in any agriculture business.

  • Start eliminating any downtime or delays when it comes to harvesting, replanting, and distributing produce.

  • Leave no room for human error and automate redundant, labor-intensive tasks that always put your business at risk.

  • Downsize your carbon footprint by replacing most gas-powered equipment and integrating 100% electric robots on the field.

Solution we give to you!

Meet The Oz Robot

The All-In-One Agriculture Robotics Solution That’ll Transform The Way We Farm!

Hiring a human labor force who is experienced in the field of agriculture has its positives, but it also comes with a fair share of weaknesses. In more severe weather conditions and scorching heat, it’s a risk to send out workers to plant or harvest the seeds, which delays the production and commercializing process and leads to the business losing its resources


To solve this problem, the experts over at Naio have developed the Oz Robot, a highly-capable multi-tasking and multi-crop agriculture automation robot that’s there to serve all your needs. Being a 100% electric robot, the Oz Robot is equipped with all the basic farming skills you need on the field.

Oz can draw plantation lines, plant new seeds, harvest a wide range of crops, follow rows flawlessly, and take out unwanted weeds from in between each row all completely autonomously without you having to interfere.


Oz has been developed by Naio and is now being distributed by us to advance the innovation procee in Romania and Brazil. We bring revolutionary solutions from outstanding companies such as Naio, and help businesses and universities integrate them into their operations and provide further development!

The One Robot That Can Give Any Agriculture Business An Instant Competitive


Developed by Naio and provided to you by us, Oz Robot is usable and controlled by anyone to operate flawlessly on rough terrain, harsh weather conditions, and risky environments. It comes equipped with:

  • A built-in digital display for settings and initial setup.

  •  GNSS receiver.

  • Safety bumpers and sensors to navigate the environment.

  • Tool holders.

  • A complete 4x4 drivetrain.

  • Lithium-ion batteries that have a working time of up to 10 hours.

Thanks to its wide array of tools, versatility, and reliability, the Oz Robot outperforms most agriculture robotic options on today’s market, and allows agriculture business owners to get more done in less time, and with less cost!

No matter the circumstances or the scale of the tasks at hand, the Oz Robot will withstand any challenges you throw its way, making it the best investment and agriculture automation solution any business could opt for.


Get Your Own Oz Robot Today!

With a few clicks, you can choose which Oz Robot works best for your needs, select your preferred set of tools, delivery service, and annual service description, and your own Oz Robot will be on its way!

  • The Goal Behind Developing The Autonomous Agriculture Fire Protection System
    After years of working with agriculture businesses, we understand the risks that they bear due to wildfires, arson, and fire hazards. That’s why we’ve used our experience in working with AI solutions and developed a new system suited to mitigating any fire risks and extinguishing them without any human interference
  • An Accurate Way Of Monitoring Fires Without Putting Anyone In Harm’s Way
    The Autonomous Agriculture Fire Protection system comes with an intuitive, easy-to-use app that allows you to monitor your premises at all times, learn more about fire risks in the area, and monitor the progress of putting out current fires. By doing so, you can stay away from the fire itself, and keep all your workers and team members away from any fire hazards while our Autonomous Agriculture Fire Protection system extinguishes it completely
  • Start Protecting Your Agriculture Business From The #1 Threat Using Our Advanced AI Solutions!
    Today, wildfires are costing agriculture production systems up to $1 Billion every year. Fires are a major risk for agriculture businesses, as fields are filled with fire hazards and starters. Fuel, fertilizers, bug repellents, and chemical solutions used in soil, are all risks that can destroy a business’s crops within minutes.
  • At Autonomous Intelligence, We Specialize In Helping Businesses Mitigate Risks Using Artificial Intelligence.
    We’ve developed a completely autonomous AI-powered solution that monitors the entirety of a business’s field area, and uses computer vision to identify fires, send out alerts, and provide an accurate way of measuring the risk and spread of the fire Whether the fire happens during your working time or when everyone has already left the premises, our Autonomous Agriculture Fire Protection system will be vigilant 24/7 to help you stay in control of your crop No matter the scale of the fire, whether it’s as small as 50 cm in diameter, or as large as 4 meters, our Autonomous Agriculture Fire Protection system will automatically identify it and extinguish it before it spreads.

Watch Our Autonomous Agriculture

 Fire Protection System In Action!


This video shows you the capabilities of our Autonomous Agriculture Fire Protection system when used to control and extinguish a large-scale wildfire without risking any human mediation. From identifying the fire all the way to putting it out completely, our Autonomous Agriculture Fire Protection System is completely hands-free and 100% precise

Evaluate Fire Risks Before It’s Too Late. 


Our mobile application allows you to monitor your premises and run various tests to figure out the fire hazards in the area, factoring in elements like the weather, crop density, and the presence of fire hazards.

An AI-Powered Solution That Creates The Optimal Conditions For Sprouting Control And Reduced Harvest Loss!

If you’re looking to limit harvest loss and gain deeper control over your crop’s growth process to maximize the number of sealable crops, we’ve developed the perfect solution for you! Our Autonomous Sprouting Control system maintains a sprout-free environment for your crops to grow correctly at an optimal time using optimal conditions.

A Completely Hands-Free Farming Process.

We’ve designed our Autonomous Sprouting Control system to be completely handled and organized by our robotics and artificial intelligence solutions, which use state-of-the-art AI technologies to analyze and understand the state that the crops are in, Once they reach complete growth, our robotic solutions will harvest all mature crops with flawless accuracy

selective harvesting.gif

Guarantee High-Quality Produce.

By maintaining optimal growing conditions, harvesting the crops at the right time, and giving the plants their needs of nutrition, you can guarantee successful germination and the highest-quality produce you can get. Our agriculture robotics will help you minimize the working time needed to harvest the crop and understand more about the progress of your plants

Avoid All Chemical Solutions For Sprout Control.

Many agriculture businesses today opt for chemical sprout inhibitors which can affect the quality of their soil, the quality of their produce, and the reputation of the business as a whole. At Autonomous Intelligence, we’ve developed our AI-powered Sprouting Control system that helps you keep your harvest in 100% natural and optimal shape.

A Risk-Free Growing Process.

We’ve designed our Autonomous Sprouting Control system to suspend roots in the air and mist it with nutrient-rich water through our fogponics technology. By using fogponics, we can maximize water usage and provide the roots of the plants with the most optimal way of absorbing nutrients!

What Makes It Different?

  • 100% hands-free.

  • Completely electric.

  • Keeps your harvest at 100%.

  • Helps you locate threats from an early stage.

  • Works perfectly with seed vacuum and seed cleaning devices.

  • Manages packaging and additional carriage.

  • Allows you to save 100% on herbicides thanks to its pre-planting sprouting removal.

If You Have Any Questions, Reach Out To Us Today!

Let one of our professionals walk you through our artificial intelligence solutions for agriculture in more detail, and explore how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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